At GreenEarth, we insist on something simple: only the finest and freshest ingredients from our farms should be used to make GreenEarth products. We harvest only the top 10% of the season's crops because we believe our customers deserve no less.
While many competing brands choose water, juice and concentrates as the chief ingredients for their products, we do not compromise on the best possible taste that we can deliver. This is why you will taste over 70% of fresh fruit in our range of Real Fruit Sorbets.
We are aware that the modern consumer is confronted with a myriad of choices when it comes to quality food and therefore what we choose to leave out is just as important as what we put in. We are concerned about your health and therefore, you will find no preservatives and no artificial coloring or flavoring in our products.
In our premium luxury dessert lines, the fruits are hand-picked at their ripest and juiciest, and carefully hollowed to filled with the sorbet that is made from the original fruit. it seems the art and natural component. And has owned praise as: the best fashion and natural ice cream of the world ……
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